Our Mission

Mechanical Rights Royalties
Sustain Creators' Revenues

BIEM aims to negotiate a standard agreement with representatives of the IFPI, fixing the usage conditions of societies’ repertoire. In the ever-changing music market, BIEM works to protect and increase royalties for Creators and strengthen Mechanical Rights collections worldwide.

Societies' Network
Foster Collaboration

Agreements are signed between Members to ensure the representation of their repertoire. Thus, Members are able to license users for the vast majority of protected works. BIEM also assists in technical collaboration between its members and helps resolve issues that may arise.

Protection of Mechanical Rights
Defend & Promote

BIEM represents and defends the interests of its Member societies, particularly in forums relating to authors' rights such as WIPO, UNESCO, TRIPS and the WCO. Furthemore, BIEM collaborates with international NGOs which pursue the same objectives, such as CISAC and GESAC.

BIEM represents 60 Societies from 56 countries

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Western Europe

Member Name
GEMA (Germany)
KODA (Denmark)
MCPS (Ireland)
MCPS (United Kingdom)
NCB (Nordics)
SABAM (Belgium)
SACEM (Luxembourg)
SGAE (Spain)
SIAE (Italy)
SPA (Portugal)
STEF (Iceland)
STEMRA (Netherlands)
STIM (Sweden)
SUISA (Switzerland)
TEOSTO (Finland)
TONO (Norway)
UNISON (Spain)

Central & Eastern Europe

Member Name
ACUM (Israel)
ARTISJUS (Hungary)
AUTODIA (Greece)
EAÜ (Estonia)
GCA (Georgia)
HDS (Croatia)
LATGA (Lithuania)
MESAM (Turkey)
MSG (Turkey)
OSA (Czech Republic)
PAM (Montenegro)
SAZAS (Slovenia)
SOKOJ (Serbia)
SOZA (Slovakia)
UCMR-ADA (Romania)
ZAIKS (Poland)
ZAMP (North Macedonia)


Member Name
CAPASSO (South Africa)
MASA (Mauritius)
SCM Cooperativa (Cabo Verde)


Member Name
AMCOS (Australasia)
CASH (Hong Kong)
COMPASS (Singapore)
IPRS (India)
JASRAC (Japan)
KOMCA (South Korea)
MCSC (China)
MCT (Thailand)

North America

Member Name
AMRA (United States)
SOCAN (Canada)

Latin America

Member Name
AGADU (Uruguay)
COTT (Trinidad and Tobago)
SACM (Mexico)
SADAIC (Argentina)
SAYCE (Ecuador)
SAYCO (Colombia)
SCD (Chile)
UBC (Brazil)

Snapshot of BIEM Societies' Collections in 2022


Total Mechanicals

Reaching 2.15 Bn€, up 11% YoY

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Digital +22.4%

Digital accounts for 55.6% of MR collections



Phono +6%

Another positive year driven by Vinyl


Video -13.7%

Further decline as shift to VOD/SVOD takes hold

Private Copying

Private Copy -5%

 2nd decreasing year after 2020 record collection