BIEM is delighted to welcome new societies to its global network.

First, it is important to note that BIEM membership is limited to societies managing mechanical reproduction rights.

Any mechanical rights society wishing to become a member of BIEM is invited to send a formal application request to the Secretariat together with the supporting documents (see list below). The complete application should be submitted two months before a Management Committee meeting to ensure optimal processing of the application.

The Management Committee may decide on the admission of society as a non-voting member, and, after examination, will submit to the General Assembly any eligible application for admission as a voting member.

The General Assembly, held in the second quarter of each year, will endorse the decisions of the Management Committee on the admission of non-voting members and, based on the recommendations, accept or reject applications for admission as voting members.

BIEM undertakes to review and assess each new membership application impartially and objectively.



Any applicant society must provide the following documents:

  • Its statutes and by-laws (with License/Ministry approval to operate as a rights management entity if applicable)
  • A list of its members
  • The repertoire it represents
  • Its history and background
  • Its licensees
  • Any reciprocal agreements entered into with foreign societies or agencies
  • Its annual report and balance sheet of the previous fiscal year, with specifications about the categories of collections (broadcasting mechanicals; online mechanicals; sound carriers; others)
  • The size and activity of its market
  • Its technical facilities
  • Its documentation processes
  • Its collection and distribution policies
  • Its audit programs
  • Other activities in addition to management of authors' rights.

For more information, please contact us.